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EN – Über uns

We invite you to share our passion for international Craft Beer and specialty beers! It’s all about fascinating diversity, the power of innovation and lots of taste.

Thanks so much for being interested in the services of the Hamburg Beer Company! It doesn’t matter if you came here as wholesaler, retailer, restaurant/bar owner, as a (craft) brewer, or just as an intrigued beer lover: if it’s about handcrafted beer, you came to the right place.

We constantly discover new, exciting beers for you from all over the world. We import, we handle lawful labeling, we pass our skills on in trainings, and advise you on questions all around a well-arranged beer assortment. We market international Craft Beer because we simply love it, and we hope for many customers, guests, and beer lovers to acquire the taste for it as well.


We’re working hard on making the beer market more exciting. This also means rewarding the Craft Beer commitment of brewers, distributors and restaurant/bar owners. We offer our customers support to boost their sales: from the individual choice of beer varieties and efficient logistics up to the appearance on the shelf or on the menu. We are Craft Beer Professionals  in every possible way.

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EN – Online-Shops

Malty-roasty, fruity-sweet, or preferably spicy aromas? For everyone who knows what they want, even if it’s discovering something completely new, is the perfect choice for your Craft Beer experience online.


The sacred place for Craft Beer inside of Hamburgs Schanzenhöfe, the Craft Beer Store, also sells its wide range of taste varieties on the internet. is the number one address for those who know exactly what they want, as well as for everyone who’s in the mood for exciting experiments. Find bodacious beer styles and manifold taste varieties, discover distant countries of origin, and be impressed by a great amount of novelties.

Our online shop opens up a whole world of Craft Beer and beer specialties around the world without you having to set a foot outside.


He’s a merry guy, who invites you on his trip to distant sites of beer culture across the globe, or, if you’re starting to get homesick, takes you right around the next corner, where a great insider tip might just be awaiting. The ‘Bierzwerg’ (German for ‘beer gnome’) serves as your helpful sidekick on Beer connoisseurs and those in the making can also subscribe to be surprised on a regular basis: we fill a treasure box with beers, whose acquaintance you should definitely make – your palate will be pleased to meet them. Just trust our instincts, we know what we’re doing.

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EN – Handel

Your Craft Beer Station will be a great motivation for customers to stop by more often. Because you know how it goes: a special, individual supply makes people spread the word.

Craft Beer Store in Hamburg

When it comes to Craft Beer, the Hamburg Beer Company is the ideal partner for retail. As assortment consultant, supplier, sales promoter, or inspiring provider of ideas. Together with you, we want to enthuse your existing clients and acquire new customers for your appealing Craft Beer assortment. Your success with Craft Beer is our goal.

You own a specialist shop for Craft Beer, a beverage shop with a Craft Beer station, or you’re a food retailer who wants to kindle the customers’ journey into a new world of beer? We will gladly assist you with guidance and resources.

Trust us when it comes to sales-boosting shelf modules. You can completely rely on our Category Management, because this is what our experts do 24/7 – they know exactly which assortment fits your business best. A quick turnover is also a matter of smart sales promotion, which is one of our strengths. And of course we improve the skills of your staff with product and sales training.

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Your customers request new and exciting beers for gastronomy and retail? Sounds great – we provide a huge assortment with added value and compatible logistics.

As a beverage wholesaler, you’re not only a reliable partner for retail and gastronomy, you’re also a source of ideas for product range configuration while constantly tracking down new trends.
With Craft Beer, you make a whole new product category available to your customers. Right from the start, we support you as a reliable partner, assortment consultant, and distribution service. No need to worry about fragmented assortments – you’ll benefit from our free delivery. As Craft Beer experts, we’re familiar with all the merits of this vast product group and ready to compose the most suitable assortment together with you.

In addition to that, we train your staff regarding brands and beer styles, and ensure smooth and trouble-free procedures with our tried and tested logistics. Your customers receive exciting solutions with added value, no matter if keg or bottle, in combination with the proper advertising material.

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Restaurants and Bars
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EN – Gastronomie

If your guests come back more often in the future due to curiosity, then your exciting new Craft Beer Selection on your drinks menu might just be the reason. Wanna bet?


As a host, you’re a natural in turning your guests into regulars. An up-to-date, maybe even varying Craft Beer menu that fits your food offers will be of great help.

We deliver Craft Beer expertise into your premises, not only by the bottle, but also – for a lot of beer varieties – in barrels. A freshly tapped Stout or IPA – how does that sound? To make sure that your new offers will not go unnoticed, we celebrate Craft Beer culture in the form of glasses, coasters, tap handles, and numerous other advertising materials for indoors and outdoors.

Craft Beer is supposed to generate profit for you and your team and create great tasting experiences for your guests. Craft Beer implies a great variety of flavors, styles of beer, and stories that want to be told. We help you turn these stories into your personal Craft Beer success story. Introduce different varieties at so-called “Tastings” and show your guests which beer style matches which kind of food – this is called “Foodpairing”. And once you’re really on fire, we can train you or your staff to become real Craft Beer experts.

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EN Export

It’s the Hamburg Beer Company’s vision to professionally satisfy the demand for high-quality as well as innovate Craft Beer abroad.

The German beer and brewing history globally enjoys an excellent reputation that we constantly aim to reinforce with the increasing range and quality of German Craft Beer. Our flagship is the portfolio centering around our Ratsherrn Pilsener, which was honored with the Meininger Award 2017 as the best German Pilsener.
Known and appreciated as the characteristic German beer style, this Pilsener portfolio has the potential to make it big in the international market. For the development of the brand, we will only collaborate with qualified beer importers, who share our appreciation for good Craft Beer.

This is how we aim to establish Ratsherrn Pilsener permanently in retail and gastronomy, before we expand the international focus on further German breweries in the next step. We also offer an additional consulting service, which is crucial to eventually becoming the main contact for distributing and hence establishing (German) Craft Beers internationally. 
To raise Ratsherrn’s level of awareness globally, we will present our amazing beer on numerous events and organize Tap Takeovers in the gastro scene and various relevant bars.
Together with Ratsherrn from Hamburg, we’re looking forward to crossing more and more borders and making our great beer available to the whole world – Ratsherrn goes global!

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EN – Unsere Brauereipartner

You want to experience fascinating beers with personality and character? Then we’re proud to introduce to you some of our partner breweries.

The Duvel Moorgat brewery in Breendonk at night (Belgium, 07/04/2011)
Duvel Final_eng

The Moortgat family has been brewing beers in Breendonk (Belgium) for four generations. Every generation aims for perfection, the highest possible quality, and the best craftsmanship in brewing, to impress their clients with fresh ideas, beer styles, and varieties. Brands like Duvel, Maredsous, Liefmans, and Achouffe are proof of the company’s inspiring diversity.

Chouffe  Picture
Chouffe Final_eng

With a red hat and a sack full of diversity he arrives, the gnome from the Belgian Ardennes. The first brew has been created in 1982 and made La Chouffe a worldwide success in the meantime. Today, the various beers are being enjoyed in over 40 countries.

LaTrappe Picture
LaTrappe Final_eng

The brewery de Konigshoeven has been brewing La Trappe Trappist beer since 1884 on the premises of the Cistercian abbey Onze Lieve Vrouw van Konigshoeven . It’s one of the very few breweries worldwide being allowed to use the “Authentic Trappist product” logo. The best guarantee for authenticity, recipe, tradition and quality. Beer is only allowed to be called Trappist beer when it’s brewed inside the walls of a Trappist abbey under the supervision of monks, if part of the revenue is donated to charity.

Liefmans Picture
Liefmans Final_eng

Tradition by conviction. A brewing history that has been part of the Liefmans family for 300 years. Finest Lambic beers that convince through creativity and passion. Thanks to the empathy of the first Belgian master brewer, the beers achieved a quality that is perfected today.

Boulevard Picture
Boulevard Final

Kansas City at its best! The Boulevard Brewing Company has been creating Craft Beer since 1988 and is now number 1 in the Midwest. Here, they combine their love for beer with their passion for brewing. Having received countless gold medals over the years, they earned a well-deserved spot among the 15 best Craft Beer breweries in the USA.

BrewDog Picture
BrewDog Final_eng

Craft Beer for the people. That means: creativity without compromise – as well as epitomizing the Craft Beer revolution. The beer punks from Scotland evolved to a global player in only 10 years, now also proving to the people of Germany what Craft Beer can accomplish. It’s BrewDog’s most important mission to infect the customers with the same burning passion they themselves feel for Craft Beer.

Ratsherrn Picture
Ratsherrn Final_eng

Why look so far afield, when the good is close by? Dedicated to the craft and the brewing history of Hamburg, Ratsherrn creates beer delicacies and seasonal rarities right inside the renowned Schanzenhöfe in the center of the city. The deep affection for the brewers’ home town is celebrated in a great variety of creative beers.

McGargles Picture
McGargles Final_eng

In November of 2013, three friends and beer enthusiasts founded McGargles, which is not only a huge success in their beer country Ireland, but also gains more and more followers across the borders. This comes as no surprise, given their constantly expanding catalogue of excellent, carefully crafted beers with a soft spot for a full body and authentic unconventionality.

Mikkeller Picture
Mikkeller Final_eng

Few others manage to excite beer fans with such courage and innovation as Mikkeller does since 2006. So much boldness doesn’t go unnoticed: already over 40 countries enjoy their beers, which also aim at being a great alternative to wine and champagne at the dinner table.

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